Spirit Night at the Garlic Knot!

20% of sales go to sponsoring schools or organization!! 

Let the GARLIC KNOT help you raise funds for your school or organization!! Here's how it works:

  • Your school or organization and Garlic Knot designate a date for the "Spirit Night". We can only book a Monday or Tuesday for your event.
  • Your school or organization advertises the date, sends students/members home with fliers instructing friends and families to patronize Garlic Knot including DINE-IN, TAKEOUT & DELIVERY on the agreed upon date.
  • Spirit Night date comes, everyone enjoys Garlic Knot food and Garlic Knot writes a Very Big Check (20% or related Spirit Night sales) to your school or organization!!

It's that simple!

Contact us to check available dates and to play your Spirit Night!

(954) 671-8400